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Music has been in my bones since birth. My father was a musician in the 1960’s and most everyone else in my family has been involved in music of some sort, be it playing, being an avid listener or being in the business. 


I remember when my parents went to see Jimi Hendrix play in Seattle, then hearing Are You Experienced playing in the house before I even started school. Both of my parents always had music playing in the house. And I clearly remember the day I bought my first album: Wings Over America. That was the start of a lifelong addiction…dozens of albums, dozens of concerts…


After a career out of music I decided to follow my passion and began working with KEXP in Seattle. There I was immersed in music. I learned how radio works, got to meet and work with some of the most amazing artists on the planet and greatly expanded my musical world.


When I moved to Portland in 2020 I was looking for something similar to KEXP, where I could work with amazing people and share my musical knowledge and love. That's when I came across Shady Pines Radio. I was able to start my own show at this not yet even one year old station. Rockaholic was born!


I wanted to do even more so I reached out to XRAY FM in 2021 and was able to start another show…This Just In. With both shows I wanted to be sure to heavily feature local artists, so began to dig deep into the Portland music scene. I’m blown away at the depth of talent in the city. So many incredible artists and venues…and wonderful people.


Of course I seem to have a problem saying no, so when Portland label Little Cloud Records founder Mike Nesbitt asked me to co-host a radio show with him, I quickly said yes! Now we have the amazing Electric Revolution Radio on Shady Pines Radio.


I curate and produce all of my shows (except Electric Revolution Radio - Mike chooses the tracks each week). I look for artists who you may not know, but should…I’m constantly searching for the best new releases and booking interesting artists for interviews so you can get to know them better. 

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